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jo_de_ra_spaz's Journal

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Well here is the run down on the life of Jen.

The Jo-De-Ra Enthusiast:

I guess you could say that I'm a Masonic family overachiever but I was always told to do do what I love and to do what makes me happy. I am SUPER involved in the different areas of Masonic Youth here in California. They are a large part of my life and something I find worthwhile dedicating my time too.

I served my Assembly as Worthy Advisor in September of 2002. I was a 2003 designate for the highest honor a member can recieve, the grand cross of color and was invested in 2004. At Grand Assembly 2005 my world froze for a moment. I thought i had heard wrong but I was announced as the Assistant Grand Editor 2006, and Grand Editor 2007. This was something that I hadn't expected to ever happen and in a moment it was reality. I was appointed alongside girls who I have known for years and have become some of my best friends. I couldnt have picked anyone else to spend my year with!

I'm also a member of Job's Daughters, in the most amazing bethel, No. 247 Danville where i'm currently 3Messanger! These girls are just amazing and I only wish that i had joined them sooner (i had petitioned in another bethel when i was 11 and long story short chose not to join.) Danville is very involved with Demolay in the area, supporting two chapters, Pleasanton and Castro Valley. We've had 4 girls serve as chapter sweethearts and princesses (four for Castro Valley and two for Pleasanton) as well as 3 go on to become Golden Gate Division sweethearts or princess and one be Nor Cal Princess!) Good things come to those who wait and even though I did join job's late, it was worth it for the sisterhood I have fond with them.

I've been around the DeMolay's for what feels like ages, and was asked to run for chapter sweetheart several times. When i was finally old enough I was crowned as Pleasanton Chapter Sweetheart for a 6 month term with my best guy friend as my Master Councilor...I guess i did a good job because I was then re-elected to a 9 month term right after that! At Convention i got announced as Sweetheart of the year 2004 of the Northern California DeMolay Association!! What was strange is that i was convinced that they were describing someone else when they were talking about who the sweetheart of the year was...haha. I was then elected as the Golden Gate Division Princess and my best friend Stephy, and bethel sister, was elected Sweetheart!!(but recently had to step down when i recieved a grand office.)

School life: I'm taking classes at UCBC currently. Its not my dream school but its cheap, local and I can take whatever class i want too. In Middle and High School i was EXTREAMLY involved with Leadership and ASB. I served as class secretary my freshmen and sophomore year and as an ASB officer junior year. I was a member of the Interact Club and my senior year was Publicity Director. I danced, did color guard, soccer, and was really into theater in middle school and high school. I took drama, advanced drama, advanced theater workshop and was numerous productions during the years.

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